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About BelizeON: The Country’s Leading Belize Online Shopping Service

We’re bringing the best of our country right to your door, with a Belize-based online shopping service that makes it easier than ever to shop your favorite local and international products. Our  wide-ranging online shopping store is dedicated to fulfilling all of your needs, all while helping local vendors reach more people with their products.

BelizeON is a leading business ecosystem designed to bring businesses together, with the dual purpose of making it easier for consumers to purchase their favorite products online and to remove the cost and stress of full-time e-commerce management from the vendor business itself. We’ve worked hard to simplify the process of online shopping and shipping and to ensure that you have a great experience every single time that you shop our international marketplace.  

Our network of vendor businesses are all producers of Belizean-made products or distributors of products already available in Belize who see the benefit of working together to give consumers more access and choice. As such, BelizeON.bz carries a wide array of products to meet your needs, including cleaning products, jewelry, eco-friendly disposables, alcoholic beverages, apparel, electronics, and much more, with new vendors being added daily so that there are always more products to explore.

With convenience and security top of mind, BelizeON adapts as many payment solutions as possible in order for consumers to have a choice in how payment is made. The vendor is assured of payment collection, and goods can be delivered to the purchaser in as little as a few hours, and no longer than five business days of ordering, even in the most remote parts of the country.

To ensure reliable delivery, BelizeON coordinates collection from vendors and shipping to purchasers using its own transport capabilities. We also work with well-known shippers such as SpeedIt, BPMS and Tropic Air to get orders out as quickly as possible.

BelizeON’s ecosystem approach ensures that consumers have a safe shopping experience while allowing participating vendors to focus on selling their products through an additional marketing channel. In turn, we make it easy for Belizean businesses to reach consumers online via desktop or through free mobile apps available in iTunes and the Google Play Store—and for consumers to find more of the Belizean products that they love.

We invite you to browse our website and product collections! And if you are a vendor who is interested in selling your products on our site, please contact us today.

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